Imaging Data Processing for a Healthcare Technology Company


WellVu is a healthcare technology company that provides thermal imaging systems to monitor the physiological health.


WellVu wanted to enhance the capabilities of their thermal imaging system by developing a custom software solution to process and analyze the radiated temperature data collected by the camera. They required a high-performance and accurate solution that would help doctors to identify areas of thermal asymmetry, which could be indicative of underlying health issues.


Softellar collaborated with WellVu to develop a cutting-edge Java-based software application that could effectively process and analyze thermal imaging data. The software was specifically designed to process this data in real-time, providing medical professionals with immediate insights into the physiological state of their patients.

In addition to developing the core software application, Softellar also created a user-friendly Android application that could easily integrate with WellVu’s hardware. The application was designed to provide doctors with a seamless experience, allowing them to easily navigate and analyze the thermal imaging data on their mobile devices.

Through careful collaboration and a deep understanding of WellVu’s unique needs and requirements, Softellar was able to deliver a high-quality solution that has been widely adopted by medical professionals worldwide. The integration of advanced Java-based technologies with user-friendly Android applications has allowed WellVu to revolutionize the way that medical professionals collect, process, and analyze thermal imaging data, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Result & Business Value

The software accurately processed and analyzed thermal imaging data in real-time, allowing doctors to identify areas of thermal asymmetry and diagnose underlying health issues.

With the help of Softellar’s solution, WellVu was able to provide doctors with a more comprehensive understanding of their patients’ physiological health, leading to improved treatment and care.

Tools & Technologies

Java, Android

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