Deidentification Tool for a Healthcare Provider


A healthcare provider was looking for a solution that could help them share medical information within and outside their clinics without violating patients’ rights.


The healthcare provider faced a challenge of how to share sensitive medical information while maintaining patient confidentiality. They needed to ensure that personal data such as names, addresses, date of birth, and phone numbers were deidentified to prevent any breach of privacy.


To address this challenge, Softellar’s team developed a deidentification tool that allowed the healthcare provider to deidentify patient data before sharing it within or outside their clinics. The tool was implemented in a flexible way so that users could specify what data sources to use, what fields to extract, how the data should be joined, what data should be encrypted or masked.

Our solution used .NET for the backend and Angular for the frontend. We also used a set of encryption algorithms and masking mechanisms.

Additionally, we implemented a template feature that allowed the healthcare provider to save deidentification rules and reuse them later for scheduled data extractions.

Result & Business Value

The new deidentification tool provided the healthcare provider with a secure and efficient way to share medical information without violating patient privacy. The solution helped the provider to comply with data privacy regulations and reduce the risk of data breaches. As a result, the provider was able to improve the quality of patient care and streamline their data sharing process.

Tools & Technologies

.NET, C#, Angular, TypeScript

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