Custom Miner Management Solution for a Cryptocurrency Startup


The Customer is a startup that provides a web platform for miners, where they can deploy their equipment (GPU) to reduce their mining operations’ costs.


The Customer needed a platform that would allow miners to manage their mining operations easily. They wanted a web platform that would help miners to deploy their equipment, design infrastructure layout including racks, power distribution units, network, and miner positioning. The platform should allow to join multiple miners into pools, apply predefined or custom hardware configurations (power, heating level, etc). The Customer needed a platform that would provide a user-friendly interface.


Softellar’s team developed a web platform using .NET, React, PostgreSQL, and Docker. The platform provided a user-friendly interface for creating custom configurations for miners and designing infrastructure layouts. The data architecture was also delivered by our team.

The platform allowed miners to select available containers, design where to put their equipment, which power distribution units to use, etc. The clients could apply different hardware configurations, or write their own using built-in configuration editor. The platform supported sending commands to the equipment directly via web platform.

The platform also included a dashboard that allowed users to monitor their mining operations and get real-time data on their mining activities. Other than that, the device information such as power consumption, heating level, GPU load percentage was collected, so the clients can see the historical data of their equipment utilization. That also allowed us to setup early notifications in case when predefined limits are reached.

Result & Business Value

The platform helped the Customer’s clients to deploy their equipment easily and combine them into pools, which allowed them to mine more efficiently. The platform provided both real-time and historical data on mining activities, which helped miners to make informed decisions about their operations. That allowed to reduce mining operations’ costs significantly and the Customer gained a competitive advantage on the market.

Tools & Technologies

.NET, React, PostgreSQL, Docker

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