Enterprise Application Development for a Real Estate Investment Company


Commercial Capital Group LLC is a US-based company that specializes in providing real estate investing, commercial lending, rehab lending, hard money lending, construction management, and real estate investment training services to its clients. They needed a solution to manage their operations and provide a seamless experience to their clients.


Commercial Capital Group LLC was facing the challenge of managing their operations using multiple disconnected systems, which resulted in data inconsistency and increased operational overheads. They wanted to modernize their system and migrate it to the cloud to provide a better experience to their clients and reduce operational overheads.


Softellar provided Commercial Capital Group LLC with enterprise application development services on Microsoft technologies stack. Our team worked closely with the client to understand their business requirements and designed a cloud-native solution that would help them manage their operations more efficiently.

We used a microservices architecture to build the solution, which allowed us to develop and deploy services that could be scaled independently. We also used Docker and Kubernetes to containerize and manage the microservices. The solution was deployed in Azure Kubernetes on Linux machines to ensure high availability and scalability of the solution.

We used Angular as the frontend technology to provide a modern and responsive user interface. The frontend was hosted in Azure CDN to ensure great performance.

Result & Business Value

By providing a cloud-native solution for managing their operations, Commercial Capital Group LLC was able to streamline their business processes and reduce operational overheads. The solution provided a seamless experience to their clients, which improved customer satisfaction and retention. The microservices architecture allowed them to scale their operations easily, which helped them grow their business rapidly.

Tools & Technologies

.NET, C#, Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Active Directory, Azure SQL Database.

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