Cloud Migration for Loma Lux Laboratories Company


Loma Lux Laboratories is a California-based company that produces natural remedies for skin conditions. Founded in 1990, Loma Lux Laboratories is committed to providing high-quality products to help people improve their skin health and overall well-being.


Loma Lux Laboratories was using an on-premises server to host their website, databases and internal systems and services. However, they were experiencing frequent downtime and slow website loading speeds, which was affecting their online sales and customer satisfaction. They wanted to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud to improve performance, reliability, and scalability.


Softellar’s team worked with Loma Lux Laboratories to develop a cloud migration strategy that would meet their specific needs. We started by setting up a new infrastructure and networking in Azure Cloud, including a Site-to-Site VPN connection to their existing on-premises network. This allowed their on-premises and cloud environments to work together seamlessly during migration process.

After completing the infrastructure setup and establishing a secure connection between the on-premises and cloud environments, our team developed a detailed migration roadmap. The roadmap consisted of a step-by-step approach to ensure minimal disruption to Loma Lux Laboratories’ business operations.

To ensure seamless migration, we utilized Azure SQL for the databases and Azure App Service for their PHP-based web applications. Softellar’s team also containerized their custom services using Docker technology and migrated them to Azure Container Instance services. This approach ensured that Loma Lux Laboratories’ applications could run in the Cloud without any modifications and compatibility issues.

By the end of the migration process, all of Loma Lux Laboratories’ applications were successfully migrated to Azure Cloud, enabling them to take advantage of the benefits of cloud infrastructure. Our team also provided training and support to ensure that Loma Lux Laboratories could effectively manage their new cloud environment.

Result & Business Value

By migrating to the cloud, Loma Lux Laboratories was able to improve the performance and reliability of their website and databases. This resulted in faster website loading speeds, improved uptime, and increased customer satisfaction. In addition, the cloud migration provided Loma Lux Laboratories with the scalability they needed to grow their business without worrying about infrastructure limitations.

Tools & Technologies

Microsoft Azure Cloud, Azure Virtual Networks, Azure VPN Gateway, Azure SQL Database, Azure App Service, Docker, Azure Container Instances (ACI)

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