Data Integration and Automation for a Car Dealer Company


Grand Financial, Inc is a US-based company that specializes in selling cars with multiple financial options including credits and loans. They have a large customer base and needed a solution to integrate their internal system with multiple financial institutes to provide better options to their customers.


Grand Financial, Inc was facing the challenge of manually processing each customer’s request in multiple financial institutions’ systems, which was a time-consuming and error-prone process. This could lead to a situation where only a few options were checked by an employee, resulting in customers not getting the best financial options available to them. They wanted to automate the data collection process and integrate it with their existing system for better financial options to their customers.


Softellar provided Grand Financial, Inc with a custom development service to automate the data collection process and integrate it with their existing system.

We analyzed their existing data sources and created a unified data model to ensure consistency and accuracy of the data. Softellar’s team developed a service which aggregates the data from multiple financial institutes, processes it, and saves it into an Azure SQL database. We have built a .NET Web API on top of that so the solution can be integrated into Customer’s existing internal system. We also created a small React frontend to search and display the data to the users.

The backend of the solution is built using Azure Functions. To ensure low costs for Grand Financial, Inc, we utilized a consumption plan. This means that the Customer is charged only for the execution time, which is extremely low as the synchronization is done twice a day. The frontend is hosted on Azure CDN to ensure optimal performance.

Result & Business Value

By providing an automated solution for data collection and aggregation, Grand Financial, Inc was able to save time and increase accuracy in their data processing. The integration of multiple financial institutes allowed them to provide better financial options to their customers, which increased customer satisfaction and ultimately improved their business revenue.

Tools & Technologies

.NET, C#, Web API, React JS, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Durable Functions, Azure SQL Database, Azure CDN

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