Technology Strategy and Data Analytics Solution for Multi Radiance Medical Company


Multi Radiance Medical is a leading medical device manufacturer specializing in therapeutic laser technology. With over 20 years of experience, they provide innovative solutions for pain relief, rehabilitation, and sports medicine.


Multi Radiance Medical had been struggling with manual data collection and analysis processes. They needed a more efficient and automated system to collect both structured and unstructured data from various sources including their ERP and CRM systems. They also needed a way to extract insights from this data to make informed business decisions.


Softellar’s team of experts provided Multi Radiance Medical with a technology strategy and solution that would address their data management and analysis needs.

The first step was to build a scalable data warehouse that could handle both structured and unstructured data. We leveraged Azure Synapse Analytics to implement a cloud-based data management system that could integrate and process data from multiple sources.

Next, we integrated data from Multi Radiance Medical’s CRM and ERP systems into the data warehouse. This provided a unified view of their business operations, enabling them to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and product performance.

To make the data more accessible and useful, we developed a reporting and visualization platform using Power BI. This platform allowed Multi Radiance Medical to easily view and analyze their data, which helped them to make decisions.

Result & Business Value

Softellar’s solutions enabled Multi Radiance Medical to gain a comprehensive view of their business operations and customer behavior. This helped them make data-driven decisions and identify new opportunities for growth. With the reporting and visualization tools, Multi Radiance Medical was able to monitor their business performance, allowing them to identify potential issues early and take corrective action. Overall, our collaboration helped Multi Radiance Medical achieve greater efficiency, agility, and growth.

Tools & Technologies

Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, Power BI, SQL

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